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Vendor Guidelines




$20 per vendor - full space

$30 - 2 vendors - shared space (2 vendors max per space) 


Vendors that commit to the full season will save $5 every week! Thats $150 total for solo vendors and $250 for a shared space. (10 weeks total)


Seasonal commitments to reserve a space must be paid prior to the first market date. 

Otherwise first come first serve reservation process, with payment taken during time of reservation.


Reservations can be made through market organizers at least one week in advance.


If vendor is not able to be present, consignment is available through market organizers for 30% commission of each item sold. 



Vendors are asked to be present the entirety of market time and may not close down early, unless approved by market organizers. 


Vendors are expected to attend all markets once they have reserved a space. No refunds.


Repeated absences or late arrivals of vendors may result in suspension of selling space.


Emergency situations will be waived, please notify market organizers as soon as possible in case of emergencies. 



Vendors will be designated a 10x10 space by one of the market organizers. All items must be contained within provided space.

All vendors, artists, musicians, entertainers, chefs, etc. must have the prior approval of the market staff.

Market staff may ask that unsightly, unsafe or inappropriate materials be removed.


Vendors must provide their own tent with weights. If a tent blows over damaging another vendors property, vendor at fault is responsible for costs.


Vendors must provide their own table, chairs, cash for change, displays, etc.


Vendors must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start time to set up.


Vehicles are allowed inside market area during set up and tear down time ONLY.


We do not have parking space for every vendor, if necessary for your set up please let market organizers know and we will figure out the best spot for you.


Please do not park on the street directly in front of the market, this will allow more customers to see us as they drive past. 



Market organizers may determine who is fit as a market vendor.


If Market organizers have been given no choice but to suspend or revoke a vendor’s selling rights for any reason, remainder of space fees will not be refunded.


The rules, policies, and guidelines are determined, and may be changed, by the Market organizers.


Vendors will be notified of any significant changes and the date they become effective.


While the Market takes place rain or shine, we must take all necessary precautions in the event of severe and dangerous weather conditions.

When there is a significant chance of a severe weather event, market organizers will decide whether to hold the market, delay the opening of the market, or cancel the market for the day. 

This determination is generally made the morning of the market and/or as quickly as possible preceding the onset of the severe weather event. 


Every effort will be made to provide ample time for vendors and customers to safely respond to hazardous weather conditions.

Vendors will be notified as soon as possible by phone or email if Market organizers determine a weather event is likely to disrupt the market. 



Alcohol and illicit drugs are prohibited at the market.


Smoking is prohibited in the market area.

Sexual harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated, and may result in a non-refundable loss of your vendor space including pre-booked reservations. 

Vendors are encouraged to approach Market staff if they encounter a problem.


Any discussion of problems in front of customers or other vendors is strongly discouraged and shall be avoided. 

Vendors are expected to treat other vendors politely and use a problem-solving approach to any problems that arise.


If a vendor is experiencing a problem with a fellow vendor or customer, he or she must notify Market management.


In the event that vendor behavior is offensive or threatening to other members of the Market community, management reserves the right to permanently reassign the vendor to a new space or remove the vendor from the Market. 



Vendors must obtain proper licensing/cottage law permits if handling/selling food.


Vendors are responsible if customers have adverse reactions to their products.


All permits and licenses required by the City of Philipsburg, Granite County, the State of Montana, and/or the Federal Government are the sole responsibility of the vendor.


Vendors must work directly with the issuing agency to seek proper licensing.


Vendors must have licenses available for review in person on every Market day. 


Market organizers and property owners are not liable for any injury, illness, theft, loss, or damage of any kind to either the buyer or seller, or their property, arising out of or pertaining to preparation for, participation in, or use or consumption of products bought, sold, or provided at the Market on Broadway; whether such injury, illness, theft, loss or damage occurred prior, during, or after the Market.


By participating in the Market, seller further agrees to identify and hold the Market on Broadway harmless for and against any claims for such injury, illness, theft, loss or damage.



All food items must be prepared, labeled, displayed and stored in accordance with Montana Department of Agriculture, Montana Department of Health, and Granite County Sanitation guidelines.


Items baked/processed at home must meet the requirements of the Montana Cottage Food exemption and must be labeled with date of production, the name, complete home address of the producer, and a list of ingredients.

Items sold by weight units of measure require a Montana State Certified Scale.


Price, terms of sale, etc. are between buyer and seller only. 

For more information



According to state law, vendors may provide sample of their wares at the market if the following rules are followed.


Sampling must occur under a tent or canopy.


All samples must be prepared on site at the farmers market. Samples may not be prepared off site.


Samples must be covered in order to prevent contamination.


No bare hand contact with foods. Vendors must provide their own gloves, serving papers, toothpicks, or other means to avoid touching food with bare hands.


Vendors must provide their own portable hand washing station which contains a minimum of five gallons of warm water.


Vendors must provide their own soap, disposable paper towels, and wastewater catch basin.


Samples must be three ounces or less.

For more information about the state’s Safe Food Sampling at Farmers Market law and requirement please refer to:



If market staff determine that a cancellation is necessary, staff will quickly notify all vendors and provide instruction at that time.


Vendors should collapse all tents/canopies, take down and re-pack all displays, take cover in vehicles, a nearby indoor location or leave the market site.

50% refunds will be given if the market is cancelled due to an emergency.

No refunds will be given due to delays and/or closing early.

Market organizers may adjust times accordingly to include the five hour block of market time due to uncontrolled circumstances.


Vendors and customers are encouraged to wear face masks the entirety of the market.


Vendors must provide hand sanitizer at their stations.


If working with unpackaged food, vendors must have a portable hand washing station to be utilized between every customer transaction.





To become a vendor please contact Keanah via phone or email. We ask that you review and sign the attached vendor guideline document prior to making contact. This will expedite the reservation process as we must have it on file in order to proceed.   

Keanah: (406) 546-4144

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