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Posters are available in
18" X 24" ($50)
9" X 12" ($25)
6" X 8" ($10)

Contact us to order. Price does not include shipping.

NOTE - Ordering is done via email.

Rogue Valley nonprofits dedicated to the recovery from the Almeda Fire.


These variations of three-year-old Bowen Chanquet genuinely captures ‘Resilience’ of a community. We couldn’t be more proud to collaborate with and feature his wonderful artwork! Please show some love for Bowen and help support the nonprofits of Rogue Valley dedicated to helping in the recovery of the damage from the Almeda fire, by purchasing one or all of these posters below!

To order these posters, please click the Contact Us link.

Resilience 2.jpg
Polk County.jpg

Sara K Foundation is a kind, caring, community-based non-profit organization that puts their heart into all that they're doing. They are based in Arizona.


These 11 variations of nine national winner captured the themes of acceptance, healing, grateful, and faith. Purchasing these creative prints helps raise awareness and funds for the Sara K Foundation, which focuses on acts of kindness.

To order these posters, please click the Contact Us link.

Artwork 2.jpg
Artwork 3.jpg
Artwork 4.jpg
Artwork 5.jpg
Artwork 6.jpg
Artwork 7.jpg
Artwork 8.jpg
Artwork 9.jpg
Artwork 10.jpg
Artwork 11.jpg
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