Community fundraising is a core element of Downtown Market's mission. One way we do that is by partnering with local organizations to host art contests between events. Participants are given a theme to inspire their art, which is then judged by the Downtown Market crew. The winning entry is printed on archival-quality paper graphically merged with a piece of history from their home town. and sold to the public as posters at quarterly Downtown Market events, and on our website. Thirty percent of the proceeds are donated to the partnering organization or a cause of their choice! 
Our first contest was held in September with Philipsburg Public Schools. Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Kanduch invited her class to create art that embodies Downtown Market themes of Community, Kindness, and Happiness. Entries from students Brantley and Weston were so impressive the judges had to call a tie! 

Philipsburg Public Schools

Downtown Market treated the whole class to a celebratory pizza part with awards and gifts for the winners, all generously donated by local businesses. Best of all, sales from Brantley and Weston's art will fund new art supplies for their school!
Posters are available in 18" X 24", 9" X 12", and 6" X 8" 
Click on a poster above, or head on over to our store to purchase, and help support Philipsburg Public Schools.
While the ongoing pandemic has forced us to postpone the first Downtown Market event, the silver lining is that we now have time to hold even more art contests. If your organization is interested in participating, we'd love to chat.
Reach out to to get started.